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Each morning, I hope, you will find a new word posted to assist in stirring your creative juices.

Write a post using this word- or any twist the word brings to mind.

Your post can be fiction, nonfiction, biographical, or even poetry.

Often, providing a picture with your post allows the reader to delve into the recesses of mind a little easier. (If you post a picture, please be sure to credit the source.)

Once you have your post complete, create a pingback to this post if you are on WordPress. If that is not an option for you, add your post’s link in the comments section.

Be sure to check back to see what creative talents our fellow bloggers have churned-up with each daily prompt.

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Written for DAILY ADDICTIONS: AUGUST 11, 2019.

13 thoughts on “DAILY ADDICTIONS: AUGUST 11, 2019

    1. You posts keep hiding in spam? I don’t know why? Have you ever had that happen on your site? It seems it’s only yours? I am so sorry for the hassle! I enjoy reading your posts.


      1. Maybe it is because I make so many posts? And I combine 5 different prompts into one poem each day. Perhaps it is because I’ve already pingbacked to 4 sites and it decides I’m spam? Next time I’ll post to you first and see what happens. I will post every day you have a prompt, usually in the morning, although I’m about to go on 10 day trip where I might or might not have time to post. At any rate, if you don’t see me, check out spam.

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