This week, I will be trying a new way to do DAILY ADDICTIONS. I will be giving you all seven ADDICTIONS at the same time.

I do not know if this will be a better way to do the hosting, or if it will prove disastrous.

All of the prompts for the week will go to the same hosting site.

I do not know if this will enhance the interaction of our community or not?

Just trying something new???

If you are a participant, and have feelings strongly one way or the other, please let me know.


7 thoughts on “A BIT OF A CHANGE

  1. I also like the idea of options, but if you still use froggy instead of regular pingbacks, I probably still will participate irregularly, if at all. See, if you miss the froggy “window”, you’re just out of luck. The reason that bothers me is because if I use someone’s idea or word or photo as a prompt, I think they should know about it. Even if I’ve missed the window, I’ll still give credit & do a traditional pingback, but I’m not sure that the originator of the prompt is then aware of it. Also, a prompt may sit in my subconscious for days before it germinates. I guess my point is, my mind, at least, doesn’t generally fit into froggy’s timetable.

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