That Dastardly Frog


I am so sorry for the trouble that Mr. Frog soWaayG0_400x400seems to be having!

Because of his (or my) ineptness,I will be trying to post each blog the night before… so that I can check on it on-line.

I hope that this will alleviate any soWaayG0_400x400problems!

Thanks you for your patience and please continue to enjoy our writing community.


6 thoughts on “That Dastardly Frog

    1. I think that as I try to enter prompts for the week and then save them for posting the BLUE FROG gets carried away? But If I just enter for the following day…. We’ll see?


  1. Thank you for persevering . I’ve found the frog works best if there’s an image (at the top of the post) that it can easily find and use. It’s not as happy if it has to wait for a blogger to search for an image or choose one off the blog. Just my own experience with it. Thanks for doing your prompt! ūüėÄ

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