Welcome to Daily Addictions


THERE”S A NEW DOG IN TOWN. Please check-out the top of the blog!

Welcome to a new WORD-A-DAY Blog Challenge.

I had no idea how rewarding my day was when I completed The Daily Post’s Word Challenge.

One simple task. You’re right…. some days it was not so simple.

I thought I might try to supplement my writing by doing a-word-a-day myself,  then I thought that there might be others going through withdrawal as well.

So… Here’s what I have come up with.

If you would like to participate also, please feel free.


  1. The NEW WORD-OF-THE DAY is posted on the blog below.
  2. What ingenious response to you have for today’s word?
  3. Once you have decided, click on the BLUE FROG and follow its directions.
  4. You emails are never shared!
  5. Have fun… Hope to read you soon!

Thanks for joining me!

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to Daily Addictions

  1. I’m glad someone’s stepping up to the plate with a new daily word prompt. However, if you want more people to find this blog, use different tags than UNCATEGORIZED. Categories and Tags tell the blogging world about your site via the Reader and WordPress allows bloggers to use up to fifteen categories and tags.

    Since your responders are writing in all genres, I’d suggest tags like:
    Fiction, Stories, Daily prompts, Poetry, Journal, Random, Blogs, Blogging, Writers, Writing, Musings, Thoughts, Reflections, Wisdom.
    “Uncategorized” as a tag is almost worthless. It’s your default Category setting, but you can change it to something more pertinent to your site.

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